Please read all of our guidelines and permissions before downloading the M-CHAT-R/F screening tool.

All reprints, reproductions, and related materials

  • Must include the copyright at the bottom of the document.
  • No modifications can be made to the title, items, or instructions without permission from the authors.
  • No enhancements can be made to the instrument, including the addition of audio and/or visual material without prior permission from the authors.
  • Reposting the M-CHAT-R/F is not allowed without a license agreement.
  • You are welcome to post a link to our website or post a link directly to the M-CHAT-R/F download from our website without special permission

License agreement required:

  • If you distribute software, including but not limited to electronic health records, assessment packages, telehealth software, or devices and would like to distribute any electronic format of the M-CHAT(-R/F).
  • If you would like to post the M-CHAT-R/F to your website.
  • Examples of providers and groups that require a license to use the M-CHAT-R/F on their website or in a software package they develop include ABA, Mental Health, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and member access only health care organizations.

Permission required for books and articles:

  • Parties interested in reproducing the M-CHAT-R/F, M-CHAT, or associated documents in print (e.g., a book or article).
  • Rights of the M-CHAT are retained by the original authors.

Use that does not require permission:

For Pediatric Primary Care Physicians:

  • If you are part of a medical practice, and you want to incorporate the M-CHAT-R/F, M-CHAT-R, or M-CHAT into your own practice’s electronic medical record (EMR), you are welcome to do so, free of charge, provided that you are making this electronic M-CHAT(-R/F) just for use in your own office’s medical record. You must follow the requirements that you do not alter the instrument’s name, instructions, items, item order, or the copyright notice at the bottom.
  • Primary care physicians may use the M-CHAT-R/F, M-CHAT during a telehealth session for clinical use of their patients only.
  • If in the future you would like to market or distribute any electronic format of the M-CHAT(-R/F), you will need to contact Diana Robins to develop a licensing agreement.

For Non-Profit Organizations:

  • If you are part of a not-for-profit organization and you want to use M-CHAT-R/F for clinical, teaching, or research permission is not required.

If you have any questions please send us an email: