Translations of M-CHAT

The M-CHAT™ is available in a number of different languages. Users should be aware that validation of these translations is still under way. When available, references are provided for published work based on a translation. It is expected that translations of the M-CHAT-R/F will be available in the coming months, and they will be posted. The translations available for download are:

If you are interested in translating the M-CHAT into another language, or creating an alternate translation for a language above, please consider translating the M-CHAT REVISED instead. If you have a need for the original M-CHAT, the requirements are as follows: Rights for the M-CHAT are retained by the original M-CHAT authors. The translation must retain the original M-CHAT copyright at the bottom of the document. It is recommended that translators add a line below the original copyright naming the translator(s) and the date of translation, but this is not required.

All translators are required to submit the final translation to Diana Robins in PDF format, by emailing the document to Dr. Robins. We retain the right to post all translations to this website for free download by other users, and to include the translation in the forthcoming M-CHAT manual.

The process we recommend for translation is to have someone bilingual translate, and then a second bilingual person who hasn’t seen the English version back translate into English. Discrepancies can be identified and fixed through further translation-back translation procedures. This can be repeated as needed until the back-translation is equivalent to the original English.